About Senior Tech Care_


I've seen first hand the emotional stress, frustration, and turmoil seniors can experience from navigating the ever complicated technology we use in our every day lives. I have also witnessed the joy that same technology can bring when someone with patience and time can walk them through it at a pace that works best for them. This is the reason I created Senior Tech Care. I want to share the fun of technology with those that can benefit the most from it, especially during this current pandemic when in person visits with family and friends have been taken away.

COVID-19 took the lives of both my grandparents in 2020. I strive to provide safe, clean, and comforting support during Senior Tech Care sessions by wearing a mask and sanitizing devices frequently. If you have any concerns about COVID-19 please let me know.

How we can help you and your loved one_

Senior Tech Care is here to help those who are feeling overwhelmed by all the technical ins and outs that comes with owning a phone, computer, tablet, smart tv, and more.

Did you receive a new device from family but just can’t figure it out? Don’t stress! We’ll sit with you and guide you through the steps until your confident enough to use it on your own.

Have a broken or defective device but have trouble communicating with the company you got it from? We’re here to help you with that process to avoid it being a long and strenuous event.

Do you have a loved one that lives far away but want to stay in touch? Your elderly parents or grandparents might need help learning how to use FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, or Zoom and you may not be able to help them enough from far away. Let us be that connection to keep your family in touch.


Sometimes time and patience is all someone needs and that’s what Senior Tech Care offers.

Geared for adults 55+